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The goal of the Bainbridge Island Forum is to expand islanders understanding of issues related to climate, sustainability, and energy, how these issues impact their lives, and what actions they can take to address these issues. To see our entire schedule of upcoming events, please visit our Event Calendar page.

Tarika Powell, Senior Research Associate, Sightline Institute

The Myth of Natural Gas: Fossil Fuels and Greenwashing

Date: Saturday March 17th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Place: Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

Speaker: Tarika Powell, Senior Research Associate, Sightline Institute

Natural gas has long been considered a clean alternative to other fossil fuels. Indeed, governments and major businesses are pursuing greenhouse gas reduction strategies that center around natural gas, with renewables playing only a supplemental role. Yet modern science undercuts many of our foundational beliefs about natural gas. This talk will address two questions: Does natural gas deserve its clean reputation? What role should it play in a clean energy future?

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