Bainbridge Island Climate and Energy Forum

2019 Forum Series

Day Time Topic Speakers Location
Sat Jan 26th 10-12am Making Sense of Climate Change Four members of the city’s Climate Change Advisory Committee.

Dr. Lara Hansen
• James Rufo-Hill
• Dr. Gary Lagerloef
• Michael Cox

Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
March 13th 7-8:30pm The Green New Deal and update on legislation in Olympia
  • Mike Kelly (Bainbridge Citizens Climate Lobby)
  • Brian Anderson (Climate Action Bainbridge)
Good Egg Restaurant
April 20th 10-12am 100% Clean energy for Bainbridge Island by 2040
  • Energy Sources – Randal Samstag (Consulting Engineer)
  • Buildings – Jason Wilkinson (McLennan Design)
  • Local Generation – Joe Deets (Sunergy Systems)
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
May 21st 7-8:30pm Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change on Bainbridge Island
  • Dr. Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt
  • Stacey Nordgren, Foresight Partners Consulting
  • James Rufo-Hill, City of Seattle
Good Egg Restaurant
June 1st 10-12am Our Children’s Trust Lawsuits against the Federal and State governments
  • Andrea Rodgers – Our Children’s Trust Attorney
  • A Plaintiff in the lawsuit
  • Charlotte Larson-Freeman – Bainbridge HS student and activist
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church