Panelists discussing carbon offsets

In this Forum-sponsored event, which was held at the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church on November 9, 2019, island resident and Climate Advisory Committee chair Mike Cox introduced the session. Then island resident Ted Larsen Freeman of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby provided an overview of the respective pieces of legislation that are being proposed to price carbon emissions, including the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which CCL backs.

He was followed by island resident and Climate Action Committee member-volunteer Derik Broekhoff of the Stockholm Institute, who spoke about the many facets of using carbon offsets.

We have posted the VIDEO of the event. 

Derik is one of the authors of an extensive guide on carbon offsets which was recently published by the Stockholm Institute; more info is available here; you can download their Carbon Offset Guide in PDF.

Another resource we recommend you explore is Cool Effect.