Climate related issues in the Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Plan Update

Guiding Principle #7 :   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the Island’s climate resilience.

Guiding Policy 7.1   Mitigation:  Participate with state, regional and local partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the 1990 benchmark and future year targets set forth in state law, educate the public about climate change and incentivize Island activities including land use patterns and building practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Guiding Policy 7.2    Adaptation:  Minimize or ameliorate the impacts of climate change on our community and our Island’s ecosystems through climate-informed policies, programs and development regulations.


Transportation Issues

J.  Climate change –Transportation is both a cause of climate change and provides opportunities to mitigate the effects of climate change. Creating a transit plan that reduces emission of greenhouse gases and increases our community’s resilience to the effects of climate change is a priority. These criteria should be used to evaluate all transportation solutions and proposed projects.


Environmental Policy   

Policy EN 1.8  Consider the potential impacts of climate change and its impacts in all decisions related to natural systems and environmental quality.

Policy EN 2.1   In managing City government operations, take reasonable steps to reduce impacts to the environment and ecosystems upon which we depend. This includes recognizing and preparing for the impacts of climate change.


Greenhouse Gases

GOAL EN -12   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through compliance with federal, state and regional policies while developing local strategies to reduce emissions further.

Policy EN12.1   Support and implement climate pledges and commitments undertaken by the City and other multi-jurisdictional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address climate change, sea-level rise, ocean acidification and other impacts of changing global conditions.

Policy EN12.2   Facilitate the improvement and convenience of low carbon mass transit and increased car-sharing, cycling, walking and the development of alternative vehicle infrastructure (e.g., charging stations) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Policy EN12.3   Strive for reduced greenhouse gas emissions by, among other actions, integrating climate change into the city planning process, including land use and transportation planning and management, and making climate change considerations and meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction goals a component of city decision making.