Our Approach

Climate change is real. It is not a problem of the future, it’s a problem of now. The disruptions it is causing require that we change the way we consider planning and management in order to ensure the future of natural and built systems. In order to protect these areas from the unavoidable effects of climate change, EcoAdapt provides support, training, and assistance to make planning and management less vulnerable and more Climate Savvy. Over the past 200 years, great strides have been made in the world of management and now all of that is at risk because of climate change. EcoAdapt is working to ensure the success of these past efforts by delivering a framework for climate adaptation. We help governments, organizations, and individuals figure out how to do what they do effectively, even in the face of climate change.

Mission Statement

EcoAdapt, founded by a team of some of the earliest adaptation thinkers and practitioners in the field, has one goal – creating a robust future in the face of climate change. We bring together diverse players to reshape planning and management in response to rapid climate change.

Our main objectives include:

  • Building the field of adaptation by coordinating, magnifying, and making climate change adaptation capacity and resources more accessible.
  • Building capacity of current and future professionals in planning and management across sectors so they can engage in climate change adaptation.
  • Supporting implementation of adaptation strategies by providing capacity to partners eager to take climate adaptation action.

EcoAdapt aims to achieve these goals by:

  • Creating a core team of climate change adaptation specialists with extensive on-the-ground experience. This critical mass will strive to ferment and distill new ideas that build this new paradigm, both as team and with a network of partners.
  • Acting as an adviser and facilitator for groups wishing to engage on climate change adaptation but lack internal support or capacity.
  • Creating training opportunities and materials (adaptation workshops, guidebooks, curriculum and teaching, field experience).
  • Creating networks of projects and partners with similar concerns to support adaptation policy and building the field of adaptation science. One particular mechanism to achieve this is through the interactive online database – the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE).
EcoAdapt is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Washington, USA.