Sustainable Bainbridge Logo

Our Vision

Sustainable Bainbridge envisions a future where Bainbridge Island, through purposeful choices, enables a positive, healthy, joyful, equitable and resilient community, thus enabling long-term community and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

Sustainable Bainbridge works to build cooperation and collaboration among a broad-based network of local organizations, businesses, government and individuals to protect and strengthen our community’s environmental, social and economic sustainability for current and future generations.

We seek to accomplish this by educating, inspiring and engaging the community in a wide range of projects and programs focused on increasing community resilience and by helping to incubate organizations and projects within our community intending to serve this same mission.

Our Goals

  • To serve as an organization that incubates and supports projects and programs committed to a strong, healthy and resilient Island community.
  • To increase awareness and understanding, and to inform the discussion among individuals, organizations, businesses and local government of opportunities to make our community sustainable.
  • To support projects and programs that enable Bainbridge Island to understand and adapt to climate change and work to lead us toward becoming a climate-resilient community.
  • To work to protect the finite and fragile environment of our island and its surrounding shoreline and waterways.
  • To help community members achieve a smaller footprint.
  • To foster a local living economy that works for the benefit of all Islanders.
  • To develop leadership within our community with the passion and skills to guide Bainbridge Island toward a sustainable future.
  • To grow and maintain communications and media that build community, reflect sustainability values, and promote events in support of our Vision and Mission.